Wintersemester 2012-2013

Introduction in the Principles of Epigenetics

Lecture for Master Students Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
"Introduction into principles of epigenetics: Epigenetics, Epigenomics and Disease"

Thursday 2-4pm
25.10.2012 to 07.02.2013 for exact dates of lectures see overview
Building A2 4 - seminar room 0.33 ground floor

pdf Overview Lecture Epigenetics
pdf L1 Introduction Epigenetics
pdf L2 Chromatin and Chromatin modifications
pdf L3 DNA methylation
pdf L4 Reprogramming
pdf L5 Epigenetic regulation and inheritance
pdf L6 Epigenomics and Epigenome Bioinformatics
pdf L7 Epigenomics and Epigenome Bioinformatics II
pdf L8 Summary: Introduction in the principles of epigenetics

The exam will take place in room 0.33, A 2.4 on Feb 28@14pm.
The re-exam will take place in room 0.33, A 2.4 on May 22@17pm.

Results of the exam (updated)
Results of the re-exam