Wintersemester 2017-2018

Principles of Epigenetics and Genomics

Jörn Walter, Abdulrahman Salhab, Karl Nordström, Martin Simon

Venue: Seminar Room 0.33, Building A2.4 (Dpt. of Epigenetics)

Time: 8:30 - 10:00

Starting date: XX November, daily until XX December 2017
Last lecture: XX January, 8:30 - 10:00

Suggested textbooks for Epigenetics:

"Epigenetics", by David Allis, Marie-Laure Caparros, Thomas Jenuwein, Danny Reinberg, Monika Lachlan, 2015, 984 pages, ISBN 978-1-936113-59-0

"Molekulare Genetik" (mit einem Kapitel über Epigenetik), Hrsg.: Alfred Nordheim, Rolf Knippers, 10. Auflage 2015, 568 S. , 620 Abb. , ISBN: 9783134770100 (only in german available)

Additional introductory literature for cancer epigenetics:
"Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics: Two Sides of the Same Coin?" Review by You & Jones

The lectures provide an overview of epigenetic concepts and their relevance for human biology. Following an introduction into basic mechanisms and enzymologies of epigenetic control we will discus the developmental aspects of epigenetic modifications, particularly their importance for cell fate maintenance and cell function. Following a summary of disease related aspects we will briefly discus modern epigenomic mapping technologies and finally the basic principles of epigenetic data production, data managment and data interpretation.

Audience: Master Students of bioinformatics (biotechnology, biophysics and pharmacy) with basic knowledge in molecular genetics