Besides the standard techniques (PCR, qPCR,microscopy, sanger-sequencing etc.) the lab is using next-generation-sequencing-technology (HiSeq2500 and MiSeq, which are constantly being developed and improved.

Local (e.g. Bisulfite Profiling, Bi-PROF, NOMe-Seq) and also genome-wide (RRBS, DNAseI-Footprinting, ATAC-Seq) deep sequencing is performed to characterize epigenetic information and transcription (RNA-Seq).
The epigenetics workgroup also uses a C1 Single-Cell-AutoPrep/BiomarkHD-System (Fluidigm and BiomarkHD), which can be used for expression profiles and targeted SNP-analysis on single cell base. Furthermore a profound knowledge in the sector of primer-extension and HPLC-separation was aquired during the last decade.